Thursday, 20 March 2008


I like writing stuff. I like Formula One. I like writing stuff about Formula One. So, you guessed it sports fans, this is going to be a blog about Formula One and possibly other stuff if I can be bothered.

As is my customary fashion, I have missed the boat somewhat given that the that 2008 season is already in full swing. I had visions of magnificently erudite season previews for each team, resplendent with pictures and biographies of drivers and key personnel. There was going to be a predictions post for impending season. There was going to be a comprehensive guide to what has happened since last season in terms of rule changes, driver changes and pre-season testing for. But I never got round to all of that, so I guess it's all gone down the shitter. Who knows, if I start things now I might just about have things in place for the start of the 2009 season!

So. What am I going to do for all you millions of avid readers, who I see in my mind's eye waiting in quivering anticipation for the juicy nuggets of F1 wisdom about to be sent forth into the ether from my golden tipped fingers? Well, I shall attempt to do reviews of each race as and when they happen, or at least cut and paste them from another site where I have been writing race reviews for a couple of years. I will also try to bring you interesting comment upon whatever the burning issues or hot news stories of the day may be. I say "interesting"; I guess what I really mean is derivative, tired, re-hashed, parochial drivel. But you never know, something at least vaguely interesting may claw its way out of the mire and pique the interest of you F1 fans out there.

So without further ado, let's get cracking with the knacking...

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